Household Wastes

How to Properly Segregate Household Wastes

Every time you clean your home, the cleaning job is not over just because you are done collecting the trash – you can’t simply put all your household waste, leave them at the side of the street, and expect the community garbage collectors to come and pick it up.

Local government in most areas all over the world requires each household and business establishment to properly segregate wastes.  Proper waste segregation helps a great deal in recycling.

Don’t worry because segregation of waste is not that hard, and, when you segregate your house wastes, you are helping our planet.

There are numerous ways you can make waste segregation simple for everyone in your home:

1. Have at least two separate garbage bins indoors – one for wet waste, and another one for dry waste:

Wet waste – Wet wastes are, you guessed it, wastes that are damp or have some moisture in them. These wastes are destined to smell, rot, and attract mice, ants, cockroaches and other pests in just a couple of days. Wet wastes include food scraps such as fruit peelings and other wet items like used diapers.

Dry waste – Dry wastes, unlike wet wastes, can stay inside your home (if properly handled) for days without producing an unpleasant odor. This includes paper products such as cereal boxes as well as plastic items like plastic containers and plastic packaging.

2. Keep in mind that wet waste should be taken out of your house every day.

3. You should wash and dry plastic containers before putting them together with other dry wastes.

4. Take out dry waste once a week.

5. Be aware of hazardous or illegal wastes. Just because something is technically “dry”, doesn’t mean it is considered as simply dry waste. Items such as batteries, electric appliances, expired drugs, old mattress, or fluorescent bulbs shouldn’t just be left on the curbside together with your regular dry waste – it is against the law to do so.

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